Design and construction of а fiber optic connectivity between the centers of Ministry of Interior


The Communication Information Systems Directorate is responsible for the proper functioning and development of the communication and information systems of the Ministry of Interior.

The Directorate ensures the construction, operation, development and maintaining the electronic communication networks, and systems through which electronic services are provided to all structures of the Ministry of Interior, state institutions, and citizens.

  • Design of fiber optic network
  • Legalization of the site – obtaining a building permit (RS), preparation of acts during construction, commissioning of the site
  • Building of fiber optic routes for connection between centers of the Ministry of Interior – construction of a new channel network, HDPE pipes, and fiber optic cable along the trace and in the buildings of the Ministry of Interior
  • Delivery and installation of equipment
  • Construction of a monitoring module system to supervise the optical cable line (OCL). The system can monitor 48 optical cable lines up to 50 km long. The process is executed in real-time and simultaneously.
  • The new system does not require any additional interventions on the existing and already established cable network. High reliability, precise cable measurement and problem localization, excellent visualization and flexible capacity are some of the main features of the new system.


  • Support the digital transformation of the Public sector by upgrading the existing broadband infrastructure


  • Better connection and faster internet
  • Centralized monitoring of fiber optic cable lines, which provides greater security in the transmission of information
  • Continuous remote control over the integrity of fiber optic cable lines
  • Accurate localization of cable breaks in real-time

Client: Ministry of Interior

Period: 2021 -2023

Status: Executed

Budget: 972 988 BGN