We are more than just a technological company!

We inspire people to transform their careers!

Coming onboard means joining great team of experts!

Syscom Engineering stakeholders believe that the most important ingredient for a company’s success is its human capital. Our team consists of great experts who can realize each idea, no matter how bold it is. We love to develop projects from scratch and implement new technologies. Our team spirit, expertise, and perspective help us create solutions that go far beyond just a good idea. We are never afraid to try and we learn from our mistakes. Our team is always happy to welcome new members. We have a brand new office with a leisure zone where we chill and share ideas.

Martin Dimitrov is leading the development of Syscom Engineering as Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for the strategic growth of the company by inspiring its teams. Martin has profound experience in the management of cross-functional and complex projects.He joined the company back in 2012 as
Design Engineer. During the 10 years in the company, he has occupied different roles and has developed diverse skills.


Our project management team is a team of excellence. We undertake each project with a desire to achieve great results and exceed expectations. Our project managers are against mediocracy and that is why they are always ready to go the extra mile in our projects. Syscom Engineering AD is proud to have a tradition of training excellent project managers. Currently, our project management team consists of 5 project managers who are executing/delivering projects in telecommunication, smart city & ITS; safety & security


Our sales team consists of experienced sales professionals who have executed each project with love and passion. We are proud to have Elena Krumova in the role of Sale Director. Elena leads by example and tries to inspire the team to follow the company’s objectives and reach annual targets. She has joined the team back in 2012. During the time in Syscom Engineering, she has managed effectively and efficiently large projects.


As a company, which implements technical solutions, we are proud to have under our roof the best engineers. Our team consists of engineers with different expertise and a technical director. The engineering team is always eager to welcome new members. So do not hesitate to contact us if you are an engineer and want to be part of one of the best engineering team in Bulgaria.


Our procurement team consists of 5-star specialists who set the guidelines of the procurement policy within Syscom Engineering. They supervise the spending limits of each project and make sure that the best vendors are in place when the project is executed.


We understands the importance to have an IT infrastructure, which runs properly and smoothly. That is why we have experienced IT professionals who take care of it on a daily basis. They also manage the total cost of ownership of IT systems and make technology life-cycle decisions. Each team is equally important for Syscom Engineering and our leaders make sure that the best personnel is at the right place.


Our HR manager always welcomes new employees with a smile since she knows that they are joining an inspirational workplace. Syscom Engineering HR team represents a corporate culture where teamwork, straight and honest discussion, and personal as well as career development is always advocated.