Implementation of civil, electromechanical and installation works connected to 5G infrastructure of partner "cetin bulgaria"ead


  • Site construction which covers the below sub activities:
    • Site survey
    • Civil work coordination and project management
    • Provide necessary support such as build documentation preparation
    • Provide coordination of equipment installations
    • Supply and installation of metal constructions
    • Excavation works
    • Reinforced Concrete works & Shuttering
    • Shelter installation
    • Roof works and/ or waterproofing
    • Dismantling works
    • Joint inspection with builder owner
    • Site civil works acceptance
  • Electromechanical Works
  • Preparation of projects and constructive statements
  • Installation
  • Commissioning


  • Support the leading mobile operator in the country to reconstruct and update its telecommunication infrastructure, so that the latest innovations are applied.


  • Cost optimization and ability to implement strictly the set programs and deadlines
  • Improvement of telecommunication infrastructure and better service to society
  • Support the new generation mobile network

Client: Cetin Bulgaria EAD

Period: 2022-

Status: In execution