Implementation of a complete Endpoint Detection and Response solution EDR

  • Implementation of a complete Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR- endpoint protection platform) solution to protect 150 endpoints at the Communications Regulation Commission
  • Provide software support for the licenses supplied
  • To increase information security in the Communications Regulation Commission by reducing the risk of cyber attacks targeting endpoint devices
  • Repeatedly increase the level of information security by detecting attempted cyber-attacks on endpoints secured by identifying Zero-day, Fileless, RAM-based, Zero-day exploits, ransomware, crypto jacking, Lateral movement, APT in real-time, regardless of the state (online or offline) of the protected endpoint’s network and other types of external resources;
  • To provide a centralized management console through which administrators can connect to their corporate network to monitor, investigate and respond to incidents.
  • To optimize information processing time as well as decision time for system administrators.

Client: Communications Regulation Commission

Period: 2022

Status: Executed