Design of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) on highway Trakiya


  • Implementation of an intelligent transport system for automatic
    incident detection, traffic monitoring and management.
  • Modernization of tunnel “Trayanovi vrata” situated on highway Trakia which includes
  • Movable barriers to manage and redirect traffic
  • Intelligent system for automatic incident detection
  • System for lighting control
  • Electronic information boards for tunnel “Trayanovi Vrata”
  • Traffic lights
  • Horizontal and vertical road markings
  • Fire alarm system and carbon emissions sensors
  • Firefighting system/equipment
  • Power supply systems
  • Facilities for communications
  • Communication connectivity
  • Meteorological stations
  • Implementation of a system with electronic information boards with possibility of remote control
  • Implementation of a weight-in-motion system Implementation of a system for measuring average speed in particular sections of highway Trakiya.


  • The project aims to increase road safety and optimize the whole traffic on highway Trakiya following the latest directives of the European Union in that sphere.


  • Improvement of traffic ecosystem
  • Improvement of road safety
  • Real-time traffic information to drivers and passengers
  • Increase the comfort during travel
  • Increase of traffic safety
  • Receive information about technical parameters (deformations, tension, oscillations, etc) of bridge facilities.
  • Traffic control of overloaded cargo vehicles
  • Reduce the abrasion and damage of the road surface and the facilities situated on highway Trakia. Simultaneously the exploitation period is increased
  • Reduce the number of car incidents, victims and injured people on the road
  • Increase the traffic culture on highway

Client: Road infrastructure agency

Period: 2020 – 2023

Status: in execution

Budget: 508 270 bGN