Delivery of hardware, software and equipment related to migration to SAP S/4HANA and upgrading of IT infrastructure for the needs of the Ministry of Finance


  • Delivery of equipment


  • Upgrade of the IT infrastructure of the Ministry of Finance to ensure compliance with the requirements stated in the Regulation on Minimum Requirements for Network and Information Security, the e- Government Act and its sub-regulatory acts.
  • Differentiation in the IT structure of the Ministry of Finance: two logically separated areas for visualization, managed by the same software but allowing activities to be performed by in-house IT staff and by an external IT team with a clear separation of responsibilities at the same time
  • Build and manage a shared disk with sufficient capacity, sustainability
    and reserved space
  • Create conditions for the implementation and operation of SAP S4/HANA as an integrated part of the upgraded IT environment of the Ministry of Interior
  • Ensuring that the IT environment in which the IT systems operate meets modern security requirements
  • Enabling the IT systems to function as complex, integrated, and coherent systems. The parts are managed and maintained in a unified manner through two high-tech server clusters, used as a single resource and logically integrated.

Client: Information Services

Period: 2021

Status: Executed

Budget: 1 300 000 BGN