Construction of а fiber optic connectivity between the centers of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the centers of Ministry of Interior

The Communication Information Systems Directorate is responsible for the proper functioning and development of the communication and information systems of the Ministry of Interior.

The Directorate ensures the construction, operation, development and maintaining the electronic communication networks, and systems through which electronic services are provided to all structures of the Ministry of Interior, state institutions, and citizens


  • Design of optical network. The project parts are:
  1. Technological
  2. Constructive
  3. Geodetic
  4. Health and Safety plan
  5. Construction Organisation and Execution Project
  6. Construction waste management plan
  7. Fire safety
  • Carrying out Author’s supervision
  • Legalization of the site
    • Obtaining a construction permit
    • Preparation of deeds during construction
    • Commissioning of the site;
  • Execution of the construction and installation works envisaged in the project
  • Supply and installation of the equipment;


  • The digital transformation of the public sector by upgrading the existing broadband infrastructure


  • Better connection and faster internet
  • Greater reliability. Fiber optic internet speed does not throttle because it is less susceptible to overload.

Client: The Communication Information Systems Directorate

Period: 2022 - 2023

Status: Executed

Budget: 396 700.90 BGN